Just take a few of the following statements and for each of them that apply to you give yourself a DFBSP (Developer Frustration Bullshit point).

I feel like I’m falling behind in my knowledge as a developer

I am not working on cool new technology like everybody else does

I am worried that my skillset is getting rusty and I don’t know the things current employers are looking for

I have no side-hustle or project to fall back on if I lose my job

Modern development doesn’t look at all like what I do day to day

Everybody else knows more than me

It seems that there is a massive change in the development world happening and I can’t find a way to get into it or even get excited about it.

I am pretty sure you can nod along to at least one of these points. And I do feel the same. I have the benefit of having worked in this market for 25 years, and I’ve seen the same patterns emerge over and over again. But I also understand that people are anxious and worried. That’s terrible and we shouldn’t feel that way. One reason why we are like that is noise.

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